Hey there! I just got back from jamming with the guys and this amp is AMAZING. It's completely different from the one I dropped off with you. The bass is "useable" and the controls just seem to do so much more...or maybe it's just me haha.
Thanks so much. I'm still dialing in a tone but it's working like a charm. Thank you again!

Splawn Nitro




First let me say thank you for your professionalism, skill and talent. Upon our first contact I wasn't sure what to expect as repairs sometimes can be costly, time consuming and uncertain. I truly was expecting the worst as the road is not kind to gear. However, in having you repair my SVT pro5 you did so in a professional timely manner and I no longer need to look anywhere for amp repair again. You were more than fair in pricing and you are a true craftsman, I appreciate that! I wish we could to take you on tour full time just in case something ever goes wrong again! Thank you and as much as I do not look forward to another amplifier going down at least with out shred of doubt I know where to go.

Thank you once again and my best regards,
Ed Lanouette - Bassist "Shadows Fall"

Hey Ampmender,

I just wanted to say thanks again for the quality work!!! My fender deville sounds totally awesome. I really appreciate the prompt diagnosis and repair. It was very affordably priced too!!! What you do for people is really awesome. Also I really do appreciate the suggestions and info you gave me towards shopping for a new metal amp. Your info will definitely be passed along to many friends in the futcher and my amps now have a new trustworthy Dr. to keep them tip-top shape.

Thank You!!!
Mark - Fender Hotrod Deville



Hey man,
I just want to shoot you an e-mail letting you know that the Les Paul sounds incredible! It feels great, the action is nice and low, no buzzing or interference noticed, and I especially like tuners! It's awesome to play guitar and not worry about going out of tune halfway into a jam. Thanks for taking good care of her, she's my baby.


Hey Chris,
Sorry for the delay. I've been meaning to write this e-mail ever since I powered up the amps and tried them out the other week. They sound awesome! The MusicMan sounds incredible with the new power tubes. It's super warm, big, and loud. Everything I could want in a bass amp. It sounds better than it did when I first got it. I doubt it's sounded this good since the early 70s. The Orange also works perfectly now. I like that sovtek tube in the v3 spot. The distortion is smooth and creamy and there's no cutting out anymore. It's been great having these amps back in use for our recent gigs. We've been told that we have a 'wall of sound' going on and it's undoubtedly in part attributed to your work and dedication to quality. I'm looking forward to recording our album over these next couple weeks and really showcasing the beauty of the amps. Thanks for everything man! I'll probably be in touch relatively soon with some more work.

Take Care,

Chris - just wanted to let you know that we practiced on Friday and the amp sounded incredible. I'd spent most of the week tuning my pedals into the new tone of the amp and it was very, very nice! (I treated myself to a SKB floorboard and GeorgeL cable set, so my pedals were a LOT cleaner). Thanks for all your hard work on the mighty Budda!


Hey Chris,

The amp sounds great man! Thanks for all the work that you did on it. It sounds as good as it did, if not better than, when I first bought it. The clean is sparkling and actually clean sounding. The nasty feedback is totally cleared up. Also, the volume is pretty much twice as loud as it had been when i dropped it off. It finally sounds like an Orange amplifier! Thanks again for all the work and the awesome prices--it was definitely far more affordable than i had expected. With you doing the work, i can actually afford to have my gear serviced and also know that it's in good hands.


I found Ampmender through a Google search, and had no idea how fortunate I was! Chris worked on my Fender Deluxe Reverb, replacing tubes, and cleaning it up, as it hadn’t been touched in over a decade. I could tell right away that I was in good hands. Chris is very knowledgeable and technical savvy. He was also incredibly responsive and customer service oriented. I was excited to pick up the amp and give it a workout, and the experience exceeded my expectations. It is so sparkling, clean and punchy…..wow, what an improvement! Chris – you know what you’re doing, man. I was also impressed with Chris’ follow-up, not to mention his very reasonable prices. All in all…..a simply great experience with Ampmender. I’ll be back in the future!


I distinctly stand out now in the band with a presence like I didn’t have before with this setup. Makes you really have to be on your toes and avoid clams at all costs.

Your choice of tubes is perfect. The range of tone is real wide and I can dial in quite a bit of sounds. We did New Minglewood Blues by the Dead and I ran the dirty channel with just a tad of breakup fuzz and that sound cool. Later.


Hey Chris,

I just finished playing and what a difference! It’s like a completely different amp especially on the lead channel. I never had that much gain before on that channel and for the first time, I turned the gain down (I must be getting old). The clean and crunch channels sound great too. Thanks so much for the hard work and I’ll definitely be coming back to you to switch out the transformers in the Spring. Could you give me an estimate to upgrade to the Mercury Magnetics? Will it make a substantial difference in tone/noise/or longevity of the amp?

Thanks again and I’ll be certainly giving you some word of mouth advertising to everyone I know with an amp problem.


hey man, finally got to practice with my amp today, and i have to say, it's so much better!
i don't have to worry about my volume cutting out mid song anymore.
all the pots are incredibly smooth and works like it was just broken in.
thanks so much.


JCM 900


I played my amp on Saturday and it sounded awesome!

One last question regarding playing out of the two speakers versus two.: Was the setup as follows if my memory serves me correctly:

1. 16 Ohm jack on head as opposed to the 4 and 8’s.

2. Mono switch instead of stereo to achieve the two speaker sound

3. 16 OHM jack in cabinet.


Hey Chris.
Been out of town. The Peavey sounds great!! It's like new again. Not a buzz in the whole rack The clean out really seems to have helped out the general power as well, the thing rocks! Great job. What's the status on the Acoustic head? Hope all is well.
Thanks, b0c.


I had purchased a Fender Princeton Reverb '65 Reissue brand new. The was noisy, unbalanced and not a sound one would expect from a supposedly classic amp.

Ampmender did an amazing job in improving the amp. The tone is now so sweet, strong and balanced. This amp is just smoking good now - boutique amp level good! Thanks alot Chris!


Hey Chris,

The amp sounds great! It actually sounds better than my Fender Deluxe in some ways.

How much do you charge for set-ups? My Telecaster could use one for sure.



Hi Chris

The Acoustic with the new speaker sounds fantastic. Ethan loves the tone
and I like the big range. Thanks for the good advice.




Hi Chris,

The amp works and sounds great. Thanks a lot.

I've attached the manual for that keyboard I told you I'm having problems with. It looks like there are schematics at the end


Hey Chris,

I just sat down to play it last night and it sounds fantastic. I am in love with the tone emulating through my speakers. Thanks for giving it life again. When can I bring the Marshall down next week?


Hey Chris-
Thanks for bringing my Marshall DSL100 back from the DEAD!

It sounds absolutely MINT! I've played it for about 3 hours so far and it hasn't lost power yet and the tone is incredible. You're the best. I'll definitely refer anyone in need of amp repair to you.

thanks again,



"I needed my vintage Fender amp diagnosed/repaired and didn't want to bring it to just anyone, and I'd seen Ampmender before on Craigslist and decided to give it try. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chris was very knowledgable and quite thorough. Right off the bat knew I wasn't being sold a line of BS when I dropped off my Quad Reverb. With all amp repairs, no matter where you go, you're going to pay a bench fee - Ampemender's was cheaper than the standard $50, and it's money well spent, as he told me exactly what it needed. I went ahead with the repairs and WOW! Not only am I confident my amp won't crap out on me again, it sounds amazing, like I had never heard it sound before and the price was considerably lower than I thought it would be!! He also recomended future repairs and upgrades. Like an honest auto mechanic, Ampmender is truly a diamond in the rough, I won't trust my baby with anyone else! I highly recommend Ampmender to anyone who needs amp work, especially those who own vintage/classic/boutique amps. I really liked the fact that he was straight with me and told me what it needed and not what I could get ripped off on. Chris is great and let me pick his brain for some vintage amp advice, which was just as good as the service! CONTACT AMPMENDER NOW AND UNLOCK YOUR AMP'S TRUE POTENTIAL!!!"


Hey Chris,

Thanks for tuning up my Bogner xtc……Sounds incredible !

Very rich & full……clean channel is insane!

Great job! Lou

Hey Chris

Mesa sounds fantastic, man. Thanks again.


Mesa Boogie .50caliber head


Hey Chris- just wanted to thank you for the work you did on my Mesa. It sounds absolutely perfect with my effects now. Bang up job, as always.

Mesa Single Rectoverb 50

Thanks again! Earle


Chris -Thank you for making the amp break up just loud enough to wake my daughter and sweet enough to put my son to sleep. Well done.

Fender custom vibrolux reverb service



Marshall JVM410c 

Just a quick note to say thanks again! I've been jamming in the garage since the minute I got home. The Marshall sounds absolutely amazing! Far beyond what I had even hoped! I'm thinking of ditching my clean boost and eq pedals altogether, it doesn't need them anymore! Wow! Thanks again for a great job.

I am a happy customer! E

Marshall DSL 50

Sounds awsome, i love it, powerfull sound .. no words to explaind how great the amp sounds, thank you very much for the amazing job ..
I really recomend, thanks

Diamond Spec Op

Gustavo Tessaro